The Eyes of Love Children's Book


THE EYES OF LOVE is a book that my daughter and I created together. It was inspired by a real life event we experienced when she was five years old. We had a few strangers remark, "Too bad your daughter does not have light eyes like her mother to go with her brown skin."
Of course, no parent is ever fully prepared to respond properly to such subtle attacks. I do not even think adults may be aware when they are doing them, as many were not being intentionally cruel. They were simply unaware of the power of social conditioning and words. Most of them, when made aware, were actually very humble in apologizing and admitted they did not realize what they said. In fact, the few who did say that to us, had dark eyes; showing how society impacted their own views of themselves.
This book is a reply to skewed beauty standards. Thankfully, my daughter and I was able to explore how to overcome what could have potentially hurt her. Today, at 9 years old my daughter sees her big black eyes as a reflection of the mysterious universe above and around us. My hope is that we can all learn from the message of the book and see many things with the EYES OF LOVE....

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